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Guardian and Conservator Services is a limited liability company in the state of Minnesota serving all 87 counties.  We provide a range of fiduciary services. Our professional  care/case Manager Services are able to assist with Personal Representative, Social Security Payee, VA Fiduciary Services, Estate Maintenance and Liquidation, Trustee and power of Attorney and other fiduciary service.

Our clients include individuals who have never married and may have no  living family to care for their needs; individuals whose spouse may have  predeceased them and who have no children to care for their needs; and  individuals who have adult children who are not able to provide their  care/living/estate needs.

Guardian and Conservator Services cares for an individuals in the least restrictive environment with dignity, safety and autonomy.  Our referral  sources include local elder law attorneys, accountants, trust officers,  social workers, the Minnesota Courts.  Family members of our clients feel we offer professional care with significant consideration for client's preferences and needs.

Guardian and Conservator Services is a member of Minnesota  Association for Guardianship and Conservatorship (MAGIC) - a member organization with a code of ethics recognized as an industry standard  throughout Minnesota.

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