Guardian and Conservator Services is dedicated to providing quality  comprehensive Guardianship of Person, Conservator of Estate, Care/Case  Management and other fiduciary services to all our clients regardless of  age, disability, ethnicity, socioeconomic status or geographic  location.

Rebecca Reich, LPN

Nationally Certified Guardian


Rebecca  Reich is a Licensed Practical Nurse and member of Minnesota Association for Guardianship & Conservatorship (MAGIC). She is a graduate from  the University of Minnesota. She owned and operated Minnetonka Assisted  Living and Hospice from 2005-2012 specializing in general care, geriatric care, diabetic management and memory care. Rebecca started her career as a Surgical Technician and Certified Nursing Assistant. She  has also been an educator with 12 years of experience. Rebecca’s professional geriatric experience has proven invaluable to community families in need of specialized care for their loved one. She also serves as a consultant to individuals who are struggling with issues of parent care and in need of finding elder care programs or professional caregivers to meet their needs.

Allen Reich

Rachel Parnes

Michelle Baruth



"Rebecca  Reich addresses the delicate details of the lives of individuals who  are under her care with compassion and expertise. Most importantly, she  treats her clients with the respect and dignity they deserve regardless  of their capacity. Rebecca is reliable and conscientious. She deeply  cares for the safety and quality of life of each of her clients. She is  compassionate, yet objective. She faces the most difficult issues with  clarity and insight and pursues them through resolution. She is also  very sensitive to problems and changes in her clients' conditions. This  sensitivity allows many significant problems to be minimized and  avoided. She is also realistic. She will advocate and fight for the  improvement of client conditions, but will not waste her efforts on  unachievable dreams. Her disposition brightens and encourages her  clients to increase their determination and resolve to live functional,  productive lives."

Sharon M.

July 2013